Searching for Manhattan’s Best Pizza

You’ve probably heard of “forkgate” in the last few weeks, the stir created when New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio was spotted devouring a slice with a fork and knife. While it may be custom in many cultures to eat pizza with silverware, any New Yorker will tell you that slices should be eaten folded over with your hands. And thus, there lies the controversy.

Well all this talk of pizza in the news made me hungry. So while in New York, I decided to go on a little mission. I enlisted my husband (thankfully he loves pizza), and we went on a quest to find Manhattan’s tastiest pizza. Here’s where our journey took us.

Artichoke Basille'sArtichoke Basille’s

It was easy to decide where we’d first stop – Artichoke Basille’s. This East Village shop has always been a must-visit in my mind. You can’t go wrong with the namesake artichoke slice, and the crab pizza (yes, crab) is also amazing. Even better late night after a few beers at a local bar.

johnsJohn’s Pizzeria

Don’t be fooled by the nondescript interior and tattered booths of John’s Pizzeria. I’ve been to this Bleeker Street sit-down restaurant many times, and it has yet to disappoint. The coal oven is what makes this pizza so good, and my husband claimed that it had the perfect thin crust. It’s always busy so be prepared to wait, and they only take cash!

Two Boots

The third stop on our pizza tour was Two Boots. This place gets points in my book for unique ingredients and creative names for their pies like Mr. Pink, Bayou Beast and Cleopatra Jones. We stopped for a quick bite at the Grand Central location, but there are outlets all over the city. My favorite is the Larry Tate – a white pizza topped with spinach and tomatoes.


Lombardi’s claims to be the oldest pizza place in New York. While that’s debatable, it is a fact that this place is a NYC institution. This is classic New York pizza. The best parts? The fresh mozzarella and the crispy crust. We ordered the pepperoni and sausage, and it was a meaty slice of heaven. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Lombardi’s, and while it may not top my list, it’s definitely delicious.

5 days. 4 pizza spots. Countless slices consumed. And our favorite? It was a tough decision, but Artichoke Basille’s was the winner in our minds. This was hard, but someone had to do it, right?


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