Back to New York

Up on the 86th floor

As a former New Yorker, I’m always excited to get back to my old stomping ground. The energy, the action, the lights…I can’t get enough. I always feel at home in new york, even though I now live 500 miles away from Manhattan. When my husband was called to a business trip, I decided to tag along for a long weekend. When I met him on a Friday afternoon, we had a lot to do in the short weekend ahead of us.

The last time my husband was in New York was over 20 years ago, so I had to show him some of the tourist must-dos. The first thing on our agenda was a trip to the Empire State building. Even though I had been there many, many times before, the view always makes it worth going again.

View from the top


After checking out the view from the top, we headed downtown to my old neighborhood, the West Village. Seeing the old street brought back so many memories. Many of the stores and restaurants on the block had changed, but it still felt the same. Around the corner from my old place was the entrance to Washington Square Park. The arch remains one of my favorite New York landmarks.

my old block

washington square park

ottoAfter the park, we stopped into Otto, a pizza restaurant right around the corner from my old apartment. This Mario Batali – owned spot may be past it’s heyday (I once witnessed a Sex and the city episode being filmed here), but it’s still an old standby for a good glass of wine and pizza. I just love the lively atmosphere, and the train departures board is a cool touch. I started with a blood orange bellini, then ordered the pane frattau – a thin crust pizza topped with an egg. Yes, an egg! It was delish, and right on par with Manhattan’s other great pizza spots.

Otto's pane frattau

Otto’s pane frattau

We headed out just as the snow started to fall. Not wanting to walk around in the wintery cold, we ventured uptown for an afternoon at the Museum of Modern Art. Check out my post on our trip to MOMA here. We finished out the weekend with some shopping in Soho, a trip to Central Park (so pretty in the Winter!), and a visit to Cafe Gitane with friends. It was a great weekend trip, and it’s always good to go back.


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