Always Impressed with Columbus’ Airport


As I was sitting in LaGuardia airport waiting to catch my flight to Columbus, Ohio, I couldn’t help but realize how desperately in need it was of a renovation. Run-down interior, outdated facilities…it’s one of the worst airports I’ve visited in a long time. But the worst part? The lack of public power outlets! As I was desperately searching for a spot to charge my almost-dead iPhone, I felt sorry for my poor fellow travelers who had nowhere to charge their phones and tablets. The horror!

outletsThe frustration caused by my dead iPhone debacle made me realize how great my home city of Columbus’ airport really is. It’s night and day compared to New York’s outdated airport. What really stuck out in my mind was the vast availability of electrical outlets. According to their website, the airport offer more than 2,000 built in power outlets and USB ports. Each gate basically offers one per chair! And did I mentioned FREE wifi? Yes, free. It’s something that we take for granted these days, but Jeni'sconsidering that large airports like MIA still do not offer free access, it’s pretty great that CMH does.

The goodness doesn’t stop there. When you’re looking for a place to kill some time before a flight, there’s a Wolfgang Puck outpost with good food (and even better bloody marys!). A Jeni’s vending machine was also recently added, which may take the cake for the coolest vending machine of all time. Who doesn’t want ice cream on the go?

I’ve spent a lot of time in many, many airports, and this one always keeps its spot around the top of the list. Port Columbus International Airport, you have yet to disappoint.


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